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Write it! Use It! Keep It! Claim It!


How to Play...It's Simple

Write it!

  • Write the 7 digit number in the bar on the back of your magazine on ever offer within Arizona HOME Magazine. Or enter your number below with a valid email address. Only one entry per email address per issue 

Success! Your entry was received.

Use It! 

  • Use as many Arizona HOME Magazine offers from the June 2023 magazine before June 30, 2023. The more you enter...the greater your chance of winning. (All other coupons are NULL and VOID.)

Keep It!

  • Keep Arizona Home Magazine until the winning number is drawn and announced on or about July 7, 2023. Don't throw it away! Your magazine is your ONLY claim ticket to win! The winning number will be announced on this site or you can call the Arizona Home Magazine Sweepstakes Hotline at  (602) 742-0325, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Claim it!

  • If the winning number matched the back of your magazine, contact our offices by July 31, 2023 to collect a check for the Grand Prize of $2,000. NOTE: You must have the magazine with the winning number in order to claim your prize!

Sweepstakes Number Request

If you need a current 7 digit sweepstakes number, simply fill out your email address below and we will send you a persnoal 7 digit number to be used to enter the current issue's sweepstakes. Limit one number per email address received per issue. 

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