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EZ Sliding Door Repair is founded on the principal that each customer is as important as the next. We must treat all our customers fairly and with the utmost respect. We visit your home and offer a service that will better your everyday life – our goal is to improve your quality of life, one small step at a time.

Many of our customers’ feedback include the notion that this idea of repairing sliding doors never crossed their mind. This is why we thrive on referrals from old customers, to their neighbors, friends, and family members. It is important for us to provide top notch service and a fair price for it, for the sustainable growth of our business.

EZ Sliding Door Repair wants to make it easy for our customers to use and continues using their sliding doors for years to come. Our work is imperative to the operation of your sliding door, especially if it is more than 10 years old. Generally, the lifespan of many sliding door parts is cut short by misuse or excessive dirt that enters the system. We not only perform the job, but also inform and educate our customers on how to maintain a healthy and easy to operate sliding door.

EZ Sliding Door Repair





M-Sa: 10AM-5PM, Sun: 8am-6pm

Track & Header Repair

Security Locks

Roller Replacement

New Locks / Handles

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