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Lodi Garage Doors


Phoenix, AZ



Lodi Garage Doors and More specialize in the sales, installation, garage door service and repair and garage door opener repair.  We have a wide range of sectional doors that together with custom wood, commercial roll-up, and overhead steel door products, gives us a unique and complete offering for customers in the Arizona market.  Unlike other garage door companies, Lodi Garage Doors and More provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection.  We also provide 24/7 emergency service for broken springs & door off track in addition to in-office consulting, striving to provide seamless service at all times.

How do you find the perfect garage door?
  • Choose a door material that works with your lifestyle and location. For low maintenance in any climate, steel doors are the answer. For a timeless, handcrafted look that may require more frequent upkeep, the natural beauty and warmth of wood doors are the classic choice.

  • Remember, it has to fit. Typically, garage doors are offered in standard sizes. However, we offer custom-fit sizes for uniquely designed garages. If you have a newer home, more than likely Lodi Garage Doors and More makes a door to fit your garage. If you live in an older home, you may have fewer choices, but you should have little trouble finding a garage door that fits.

  • Garage doors are available in a variety of designs that fit any architecture, from old world estate looks to authentic carriage house doors (doors that seem to swing open, but open and operate like traditional garage doors) to ultra-sleek modern designs.

  • Your color options are limitless. Lodi Garage Doors & More offers a limited number of pre-painted steel doors. But if you want to customize the color, steel doors are ready to be painted with off-the-shelf exterior latex paint. Wood doors come in their natural finish but are ready for staining or painting.

  • The hardware accessories that are available with your garage door most often depend on the style of door you choose. Carriage house doors feature options for decorative handles and decorative strap hinges. The clean lines of a modern or traditional garage door may not need any embellishment.

  • Windows not only bring natural light into your garage; they add another layer of style and sophistication to your garage doors. There are many decorative windows options—from contemporary designs to ornamental faux wrought iron to Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired colors and patterns—creating a garage door that fits your style and compliments the design of your home.

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